Introducing the
Ann Arbor Connector.
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A vision for the future of Ann Arbor transportation.
We are working with the community to help create a light rail transit system that will connect downtown to world-class medical centers. Central Campus to North Campus. Plymouth Road to Main Street shops. All with greater capacity. Greater comfort. More sustainably powered. Faster, more reliable service. And setting Ann Arbor up for the next century.

The Proposed Route

Graphic representation of the proposed route map

the places
Ann Arbor...



  • More capacity.

    To meet the demands of today’s public transportation needs combined with the estimated growth of the area, we must be visionary. Connector will create an estimated 52% more capacity as compared to standard buses.

  • More reliable.

    Because of a dedicated line, Connector will reach stops with more reliability than standard buses that are forced to flow with traffic conditions.

  • Future forward.

    Connector will not only help with today’s capacity issues, it will set up the next several decades of growth and needs. By 2040, demand will require an estimated additional 46 standard buses per hour - or just 7 standard light rail cars per hour.

  • More sustainable.

    The Connector project aims to use 100% alternative and renewable energy such as locally-generated hydroelectric power.

  • More comfortable.

    With more room for customers, eliminating the overcrowding experienced on the current bus service.

  • Helps with parking.

    By creating an attractive alternative with easier access to our most visited places.

  • Helps downtown business.

    By giving direct, simple access to customers and employees.

  • Helps students.

    Move from campus to campus with greater ease.

  • Helps patients and health care workers.

    Thanks to direct service to our area’s major centers of health.

  • Connects to future rail projects.

    We are working with area leaders to choreograph rail projects to best connect local solutions with regional solutions for a seamless system.


Doesn’t this just benefit the University?
It improves travel between campuses, which is very important to U-M. The high university ridership provides the basis for this opportunity to improve community transportation. A true win-win.
What about the other transit projects in the area?
The Connector has been conceived, and is being designed, to facilitate connections between current transit services within the city, and planned transit services connecting to the city.
How will it change the city?
  • Making it more livable
  • More accessible
  • Cleaner
  • More sustainable
  • More walking
  • More riding
  • Less driving
What will it look like?
Design of the Connector will be based on best practices from similar projects around the country, but there will need to be many future design decisions to determine how it best fits into Ann Arbor. During the next phases of the project there will be numerous opportunities for the public to participate in this design process.
How will it help keep Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor?
The 2009 Transportation Plan identified the need for high capacity transit corridors to support and focus continuing growth and development in the City. Without those transit corridors, the forecast growth would result in growing congestion – more congested roadways and longer periods of congestion and pressure to widen roadways or build new roadways. This is not a question of growth or no growth but rather how do we accommodate the additional trips generated by that growth.
What can you do?
  • Spread the word
  • Visit our website
  • Join us at community events
  • Sign up for updates

The more public support we receive, the more likely it will happen.


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  • University of Michigan
  • DDA
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